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It's kinda yucky but it also is so cool to see how the water gets so filthy in just a couple of minutes. It really does a great job at cleaning my skin and the left over make up. Recommended Lumakka to all my friends!

Anni P.

I was a bit hesitant to try this thing out, but after doing some research on hydrodermabrasion, these guys were right! One of the treatments in my local clinic costs up to $250!!! I always prefer to do treatments at home if I can, especially nowadays in 2021... So I gave it a try and this water pore vacuum thingy works wonders! Compared to the time and money it costs to go to the clinic, I am super happy I found Lumakka when I did. For a fraction of the price this thing seems to work just as well as a clinic would! Very happy customer!

Lexie L.

I used to use blackhead strips, but I just had to try on of these out. Let me be the first to say that this is soooo much better! It's super gentle but it is really strong surprisingly! I don't even use my strips anymore.

Jenny M.
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